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bbips – Bash Batch Image Processing Scripts. A collection of bash scripts that use Imagemagick to “batch” process entire directories of images all at once. For use with Linux and Unix systems to batch process *.jpg image files from the bash shell.

Not noted in the scripts… these are ALL GPL’d.

Easily modified for other image types, I use them primarily for .jpg’s myself, so that’s how I wrote them.
They are very straightforward, and generally just save a bit of headache learning ImageMagick and bash, and re-typing alot of code 😉

Normally I put my copys of the scripts into a directory “.bbips” so it’s a hidden directory, and create alias’s to the scripts.
This allows me to run the scripts as a user without needing root permissions. You could as root put them into /usr/local/bin (or where ever else you wanted to).

I wrote these for my own use, and posted them first on Sourceforge in 2005.
I’ve created a couple python front ends to ImageMagick as learning tools for me to learn Python, but I still enjoy tweaking the original bash scripts. So while these may not be quite what you would write, it scratched an itch for me. They do EXACTLEY what I wanted them to do. So, modify them to suit yourself to your hearts content.

Note, I just usually create a hidden directory for the bbips scripts. (.bbips) and then create a set of alias’s in my .bashrc file. I included them below in case someone would like to cut-n-paste vs type alot.

alias bbapcom='bash ~/.bbips/bbapcom'
alias bbatxt='bash ~/.bbips/bbatxt'
alias bbborder='bash ~/.bbips/bbborder'
alias bbcolorize='bash ~/.bbips/bbcolorize'
alias bbcopy='bash ~/.bbips/bbcopy'
alias bbflip='bash ~/.bbips/bbflip'
alias bbflop='bash ~/.bbips/bbflop'
alias bbgallery='bash ~/.bbips/bbgallery'
alias bbgallery2='bash ~/.bbips/bbgallery2'
alias bbgamma='bash ~/.bbips/bbgamma'
alias bbgrayscale='bash ~/.bbips/bbgrayscale'
alias bbgzip='bash ~/.bbips/bbgzip'
alias bbhelp='bash ~/.bbips/bbhelp'
alias bbindex='bash ~/.bbips/bbindex'
alias bbnormalize='bash ~/.bbips/bbnormalize'
alias bbpaint='bash ~/.bbips/bbpaint'
alias bbrecom='bash ~/.bbips/bbrecom'
alias bbrename='bash ~/.bbips/bbrename'
alias bbresize='bash ~/.bbips/bbresize'
alias bbrotate='bash ~/.bbips/bbrotate'
alias bbsepia='bash ~/.bbips/bbsepia'
alias bbshot='bash ~/.bbips/bbshot'
alias bbsolarize='bash ~/.bbips/bbsolarize'
alias bbwrcom='bash ~/.bbips/bbwrcom'

All these scripts and all of bbips can be found at my website:
Also, see my sourceforge page for them at:

One thought on “Software: bbips

  1. andrew


    i have a question on sun x4600 m2. i read what you posted long time ago in resetting that model by putting a paper clip into one of 2 tiny holes in the back.
    i could not do right. can you tell him the steps to reset that model.
    1) jumper 25 clear cmos is not doing anything.
    2)there is a hard reset bridge to set from soft reset to hard reset, but not sure how to make it work.
    3)the 2 pin holes one is for resetting system board, the other for resetting processors.

    i now can get 2 cpu modules 4 ddr2 slots one processor (dual core opteron 8226) each module kind working properly.

    but if i insert in 2, 4, 6 other boards, the server only recognise one module with one processor with only 2 core.

    i random try to put jumpers in and push pin in the pin holes, nothing seems to make any difference.

    do you remember still what steps you took then? to get the cmos cleared or server soft / hard reset.

    thanks. i hope you do not mind me barging in this thread. because the other thread had been closed.



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