Decomissioning the C7000

By | June 29, 2019

So it was time for the C7000 to be shut down. Lately I have only been using one blade on the C7000, a Gen 7 blade.

[Dual CPU] 6  core Intel Xeon CPU   X5670 @ 2.93GHz (64GB  Ram) (Benchmark  12,872)

If it was just the blade that needed to run, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the C7000 has a host of fans, and multiple power supplies and dual onboard administration units as well as redundant network interfaces. Simply put, it was EATING power like it was going out of style. As fate would have it, my VERY NICE laptop had it’s screen die… and honestly, I just don’t feel like replacing the screen. So….. time to make the powerful laptop into a Proxmox server to run all the stuff the one blade was running. This also allowed me to update the promox software as well.

Proxmox 5

So far so good. The laptop is in my garage, and is getting a beating with the 95 degree heat, we will see if it can hold up. 🙂 The laptop has a 4800MQ cpu and has 32 gigs of ram. So far it’s performing admirably. I have scaled back tremendously from what I was using the C7000 a couple years ago, so it’s been “retired” . It’s turned off for the time being until I need to test something that my smaller laptop can’t handle.

Now, I love the C7000… don’t get me wrong, I’d continue to upgrade the blades as needed, if I was using it more. For the little I’m using it, it just doesn’t make sense financially to keep paying the power bill to run just one blade. It pulls 600-700 watts 24×7 …and thats AFTER I pull 4 power supplies and 5 fans and all but the one blade. That translates to MANY extra dollars on my power bill, vs running my laptop (which has a built in battery backup as a bonus !). The laptop only pulls 1/6th the power of the C7000 or less.

So, end of an era for me. Time will tell if I’ll ever have to pull the old girl out of mothballs… I’ll keep ya posted 🙂