A small dovetailed pine box.

By | April 25, 2019

So, the second box I built with the new dovetail jig was made from 1×6 pine for the sides and cut down 1×12 pine for the top and bottom. I haven’t finished the dovetail box yet for the jig itself, but have finished this one. While it isn’t perfect, I thought it came out ok for the second attempt.

Small box sides cut out.

After the box was assembled, the top was cut off, and a cartoon character was engraved on the top. (This is going to be for one of my grandaughters).

Engraved Image on pine using a dremel tool.

Masking off the image on the lid of the box.

The lid was spray painted black.
Sanding most of the paint away…

Box stained and ready for hardware

Finishing the top
Finishing the bottom of the box.
Finished box, top/front view.
Bottom view – felt pads on corners.
Back view. (Note, I probably should have mortised the hinges in, but I was being lazy that day I guess)
Box opened.
Finished side view.

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