PART 1: A box for the Dovetail Jig

By | April 9, 2019

So, after a couple trial runs on the new dovetail jig, I decided I should actually make a nice box for the dovetail jig, with the dovetail jig. 🙂

The box will measure approx 24″ wide, 13″ deep, an 12″ tall. Here are some images from the build.

The parts for the jig box cutout and ready to assemble.
Box case assembled and in glue up.
The moral of the story here, you can never have too many clamps !
Tighter joints, a reward for a better setup with the jig.
Out of the clamps, and sanded with 80 grit paper… looking better.
So, this is the top cut off the box, and two spacers glued in the top.
Bottom of the box after the top was cut off.
Gluing spaces on the bottom of the box.
Top and bottom spacer glue ups, drying overnight. 16 clamps in use, for one box. You REALLY can never have too many clamps. 🙂

Part 2 shows the box finished.

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