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A small dovetailed pine box.

So, the second box I built with the new dovetail jig was made from 1×6 pine for the sides and cut down 1×12 pine for the top and bottom. I haven’t finished the dovetail box yet for the jig itself, but have finished this one. While it isn’t perfect, I thought it came out ok… Read More »

The Dovetail Jig

So, started using the Porter Cable 4212 Dovetail jig. Has been an interesting process seeing how this works. Here is a link to the jig : https://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-4212-12-Inch-Deluxe-Dovetail/dp/B0006AAS8S/ref=sr_1_2?crid=8RP46T3T3V7G&keywords=porter+cable+dovetail+jig&qid=1554781593 Here are a few pics of what it looked like on my first attempt… don’t judge too harshly… it got better lol. Ok, so … that was the… Read More »