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bbips – Bash Batch Image Processing Scripts. A collection of bash scripts that use Imagemagick to “batch” process entire directories of images all at once. For use with Linux and Unix systems to batch process *.jpg image files from the bash shell.

Not noted in the scripts… these are ALL GPL’d.

Easily modified for other image types, I use them primarily for .jpg’s myself, so that’s how I wrote them.
They are very straightforward, and generally just save a bit of headache learning ImageMagick and bash, and re-typing alot of code 😉

Normally I put my copys of the scripts into a directory “.bbips” so it’s a hidden directory, and create alias’s to the scripts.
This allows me to run the scripts as a user without needing root permissions. You could as root put them into /usr/local/bin (or where ever else you wanted to).

I wrote these for my own use, and posted them first on Sourceforge in 2005.
I’ve created a couple python front ends to ImageMagick as learning tools for me to learn Python, but I still enjoy tweaking the original bash scripts. So while these may not be quite what you would write, it scratched an itch for me. They do EXACTLEY what I wanted them to do. So, modify them to suit yourself to your hearts content.

Note, I just usually create a hidden directory for the bbips scripts. (.bbips) and then create a set of alias’s in my .bashrc file. I included them below in case someone would like to cut-n-paste vs type alot.

alias bbapcom='bash ~/.bbips/bbapcom'
alias bbatxt='bash ~/.bbips/bbatxt'
alias bbborder='bash ~/.bbips/bbborder'
alias bbcolorize='bash ~/.bbips/bbcolorize'
alias bbcopy='bash ~/.bbips/bbcopy'
alias bbflip='bash ~/.bbips/bbflip'
alias bbflop='bash ~/.bbips/bbflop'
alias bbgallery='bash ~/.bbips/bbgallery'
alias bbgallery2='bash ~/.bbips/bbgallery2'
alias bbgamma='bash ~/.bbips/bbgamma'
alias bbgrayscale='bash ~/.bbips/bbgrayscale'
alias bbgzip='bash ~/.bbips/bbgzip'
alias bbhelp='bash ~/.bbips/bbhelp'
alias bbindex='bash ~/.bbips/bbindex'
alias bbnormalize='bash ~/.bbips/bbnormalize'
alias bbpaint='bash ~/.bbips/bbpaint'
alias bbrecom='bash ~/.bbips/bbrecom'
alias bbrename='bash ~/.bbips/bbrename'
alias bbresize='bash ~/.bbips/bbresize'
alias bbrotate='bash ~/.bbips/bbrotate'
alias bbsepia='bash ~/.bbips/bbsepia'
alias bbshot='bash ~/.bbips/bbshot'
alias bbsolarize='bash ~/.bbips/bbsolarize'
alias bbwrcom='bash ~/.bbips/bbwrcom'

All these scripts and all of bbips can be found at my website:
Also, see my sourceforge page for them at:

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