My favorite SciFi author – John Ringo

By | January 12, 2019

So, there seem to be thousands of SciFi authors out there. Many are very good, and there are some great stories to be found. I’ve read hundreds of authors, and of course the classic SciFi authors like Heinlein and Clarke. But of ALL the authors I’ve ever read, none has transported me into the book so completely as John Ringo. For me that’s the mark of a truly great author, the ability to get me so engrossed in the book that I no longer am seeing the words, but watching the movie play out in my head. John Ringo does this and more, the stories are fantastic, and the series books are amazing saga’s that leave me wanting to read the next book right away.

I’ve re-read several of his books, and have read everything he’s written to date. If you ever want to read some very fun, science fiction, start with John Ringo’s “Live Free or Die”. This series of books is amazing, and would make a simply awesome set of movies. I doubt however that the liberals that make up most of the movie industry would ever turn his stories into movies, as John Ringo is a very outspoken conservative, and his books tend to lean that way as well.

John Ringo’s “Troy Rising” 3 book series.

Now, not ALL of John Ringo’s books have been perfect for me, the “Paladin of Shadows” series (6 books) wasn’t one of my favorites. My only objection is, and has been, the graphic sex in the book. It really wasn’t necessary, and the story would have been just as good without that. That was the only series that I didn’t really like to be honest, all the other books don’t have that, and I think it was simply the author stretching the limits of his abilities to see what he could do. If graphic sex in a novel offends you, don’t read that series, imho it’s the only books he has written that I might not recommend. Those 6 books however shouldn’t deter you from reading at the very least the “Troy Rising” series of books, I honestly don’t think you will be disappointed.

So, to give you a hint at what the “Troy Rising” series is about:

This irresistible action-sf tale launches another series, deriving partly from a webcomic (Schlock Mercenary) and partly from Ringo’s amazingly fertile imagination. In the near future, humanity enjoys (or suffers from) first contact with an entire galactic federation, one of whose unfriendly races goes to war with Earth for our heavy metals. A more benign race works through crusty Vermonter Tyler Vernon to exploit nonhuman technology in developing a space program and defenses. ~~ Booklist

If you do read this, let me know what you think. 🙂

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  1. Alan Orth

    Interesting! I’m just getting into Robert Jordan’s twelve-part Wheel of Time series, though I’m happy to hear other recommendations! Thanks!

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