My HP C7000 Saga: The 24U rack

By | April 29, 2015

Today with Corey’s help (thanks again btw), went and picked up a used Dell 24U server rack. Complete with Front and Back locking doors and both locking side panels. Very heavy duty, going to be a very nice addition for the C7000’s.

Dell 24U Rack - Front

Dell 24U Rack – Front

As you can see in the photo below, it had a few servers in it before, we left the two that were in it, as they were to old to be useful. Ended up keeping the KVM switch, which I won’t need, and when we picked it up, they said they couldn’t find the keys.
Dell 24U Rack front open

Dell 24U Rack front open

We got it to the garage, and as you see in the picture below, Corey took the side panel off, and I spied THE KEYS !!! 🙂 A very nice welcome surprise!

Dell 24U - Side Open

Dell 24U – Side Open

These are the two tags I could find on the rack, not sure if one is a model number or not, still need to check that out.
Tag - Dell 24U

Tag – Dell 24U

Tag - Dell 24U

Tag – Dell 24U

Only thing left to do… get it downstairs… so, I wonder which son/son-in-law/future-son-in-law I’m going to have to bribe… 🙂 🙂

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  1. crouse Post author

    07P405 — yup, that was the part number 🙂

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