My Linux desktop, what I use.

By | October 27, 2013

My Linux Mint Desktop screenshot.


Linux mint is the distro that the cinnamon wm is designed for. Cinnamon works great with Mint. That’s the #1 reason I use Mint.
There are other reasons as well.

1. Basically the same as Ubuntu, uses the repos.
2. Setup is fast.
3. OS is STABLE … this is HUGE.
4. Works in VmWare Workstation.

I run my desktop as a Virtual Machine, in vmware workstation. This allows for easy backup of the desktop…just copy the vmware files. It’s also a requirement as we aren’t allowed to install Linux natively on our laptops at work, but this is the next best thing. In fact, running the OS as a virtual machine offers some nice things that a bare metal install doesn’t. Snapshots of the OS. Say you wanted to upgrade your system, but you weren’t sure the upgrade won’t mess something up, take a snapshot, upgrade, if it’s fubar’d… sweat, just restore the snapshot and your golden. The same for installing some software your not sure about or that might muck up your system…take a snapshot, install software, restore to snapshot if things aren’t exactly what you thought they should be.

Eagerly waiting for the next release of Mint, a few features in Cinnamon are going to be nice. If you haven’t tried Mint, you should.