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My Linux desktop, what I use.

My Linux Mint Desktop screenshot. Linux mint is the distro that the cinnamon wm is designed for. Cinnamon works great with Mint. That’s the #1 reason I use Mint. There are other reasons as well. 1. Basically the same as Ubuntu, uses the repos. 2. Setup is fast. 3. OS is STABLE … this is… Read More »

7 things to do after installing Linux Mint 14

1. Update packages via update manager: 0:12 2. Install additional drivers: 0:52 3. Install ubuntu-restricted-extras: 1:55 4. Select a download server: 2:45 5. Install Firestarter (firewall program): 3:56 6. Install VLC Media Player: 5:35 7. Configure keyboard shortcuts: 6:37