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My HP C7000 Saga begins.

Back in the middle of March of this year (2015), I bought one C7000 Chassis with 16 blades in it, a friend of mine bought one as well. We traveled to St. Louis, Missouri and picked them up. This is the picture of them in my Escape after they were loaded up. After loading them… Read More »

Learn the Bash shell.

The poor Bash shell script. It gets lost in the flood of all the glitzy language wars, Python vs Ruby vs Perl vs Javascript… the list goes on and on, with new contenders seemingly rising from nowhere to get in the fight for developers attentions. Seldom do I hear anyone stick up for the poor… Read More »

My Linux desktop, what I use.

My Linux Mint Desktop screenshot. Linux mint is the distro that the cinnamon wm is designed for. Cinnamon works great with Mint. That’s the #1 reason I use Mint. There are other reasons as well. 1. Basically the same as Ubuntu, uses the repos. 2. Setup is fast. 3. OS is STABLE … this is… Read More »